Thursday, May 12, 2011

Riggwelter and Sox

Jenny Wren had two ram lambs   ~ a dark moorit krunet and a katmoget sokket

Still using the suggested names from Shearing Day I decided to give the dark lamb above the name Riggwelter~until today I had no idea that is a dark ale from an English firm called The Black Sheep Brewery. Hey, he even has some foam on top! Wonder who made that suggestion...

Duet always gives us the sweetest lambs!

This dark moorit yuglet sokket is a girl
This little boy looks white but w/ the dark spotting I understand that can't be right... besides yuglet what is he??


  1. they are all so cute!!!! i would say duets ram is either a yuglet,flecket or a yuglet Iiget(sp?)

  2. How lovely to see all your postings on your lambs!!! Sweet Nigel, lucky boy to have such a vigilant mama :). Thank you Linda - Suzy