Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shetland Sheepskins

             We now have Shetland Sheepskins for sale!

 All of our children have received one as a gift and we have more to share.
 Bucks County Furs always does an  excellent job processing  these for us.
These are naturally colored,soft,cuddly and washable!
I'm selling them on Etsy for $139 but if you pick them up at the farm they'll be $99.
We've sold them recently as a Baby Shower Gift and a Man Cave accent .                

White, light brown & dark brown 26 x42

Creamy white28x36

Close up of above pelt

Cream,grey & black 26x45

Cream ,black 27x42
                                             ~Perfect for any occasion~

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luxurious Shetland Roving Continued

For some reason these photos wouldn't post on the previous page. Here is our  2011 roving up close.
Gurdy Run Mill did a great job for us. I highly recommend them! The last post has a link to them.
If anyone's interested I'd be happy to send out samples. 
 Silky Moorit from Faye

Silvery Cream from Super friendly Una

A mixture of light & darker greys

Shetland  Black from the boss around here!~Bella

I'm spinning Bella's fleece right now and I LOVE  it! It's so rewarding to be finally enjoying the process.

Luxurious Shetland Roving

We're very pleased with the roving we got back from Gurdy Run Mill! Take a look. I'm finally getting the hang of spinning on my new Lendrum wheel but I know I'll never use all of this glorious roving so...
I'll be selling some here at the farm and on Etsy. I'll be happy to send samples if you like. Just comment below or email me!