Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sheep Shearing Day 2013 Saturday March 9th 9 a.m.-'til they're all done!


                                           Come visit the farm on Shearing Day! 
                                            March 9th  starting at 9a.m.

 Our Shetland sheep are getting ready for Spring and their new lambs.  Emily Chamelin will be shearing for us again. She's done  a fantastic job for us the last 3 years. Check out her website!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Breeding Ram for Sale

Breeding Ram for Sale   

Waterside Caius 
born 04/12/2012

Caius, which means Rejoice, comes from the flock of Dr. John Broome of NY. He was our herd sire for this years lambs. Take a look at his pedigree below. We're expecting some very special lambs next month!
Caius  has good conformation, an exceptionally soft  fleece and a gentle disposition. We'd like him to find a new home before we move.
Please call or e-mail if interested. He's available for $250.00    Reserved)

Some of our bred ewes in the background are also available. Multiple discounts.

                       Pedigree for Waterside Caius S36301

SSSS:Twin Springs Duncan S14952 #219 - Fawn Sholmet/Sokket S Ram 2002-04-22
SSS:Twin Springs Barry S16301 #11115 - Moorit Tr Ram 2003-04-25
SSSD:Bitterroot Allegra S10760 #25 - Moorit Tw Ewe 2000-04-10
SS:BrynMeadow Christopher S17995 # - Black S Ram 2004-05-03
SSDS:VictorianOak Justin S13752 #022 - Moorit S Ram 2001-04-07
SSD:BrynMeadow Onyx S13906 # - Moorit Tw Ewe 2002-03-20
SSDD:Cairn Farm Helga S10574 # - Moorit Tw Ewe 2000-05-10
S:BrynMeadow Rambeau S33726 #0857 - Black Tw Ram 2011-04-21
SDSS:Minwawe Pan S14815 #0073 - Black Yuglet/Sokket Tw Ram 2002-04-18
SDS:Minwawe Smore S20019 #249 - Black/White Yuglet/Flecket S Ram 2005-03-23
SDSD:Sheltrgpines Candace S13241 #380 - Black Yuglet Tw Ewe 2002-04-12
SD:Twin Springs Gwyndolyn S23285 #618-316 - Moorit Yuglet/Sokket S Ewe 2006-04-23
SDDS:Twin Springs Eli S16299 #11110 - Moorit/White Yuglet Tw Ram 2003-04-24
SDD:Twin Springs Gilda S20761 #525 - Moorit/White Yuglet/Sokket Tw Ewe 2005-04-25
SDDD:Twin Springs Delia S13943 #202 - Moorit Smirslet Tw Ewe 2002-03-03
Waterside Caius S36301 #020 - Grey Katmoget Tw Ram 2012-04-14
DSSS:Cabbage Hill Garfield S7245 #810 - Brown Tw Ram 1998-04-13
DSS:Cabbage Hill Isador S10453 #041 - Brown Tw Ram 2000-04-21
DSSD:Dayspring Veronica S0903 #GR 2007 - Moorit S Ewe 1992-03-24
DS:ReginaLaudis Thomas S15785 #017 - Black Tw Ram 2002-04-07
DSDS:Cabbage Hill Danbury S3627 #518 - White S Ram 1995-04-15
DSD:Cabbage Hill Enid S4797 #605 - Black Tw Ewe 1996-03-26
DSDD:Cabbage Hill Caliope S2178 #CHF#54 - Moorit Tw Ewe 1994-04-09
D:Can Too Cassiopoea S17885 # - Grey Katmoget Tw Ewe 2004-04-02
DDSS:Northdown Cedric Z11130 # - Fawn Tw Ram 1990-04-15
DDS:Enfield Greyling 13136 # - Grey Katmoget Tw Ram 1991-03-31
DDSD:Melhall Kettlester Z8174 # - Katmoget S Ewe 1988-04-19
DD:Can Too R-2 S8163 #58 - Lt.Grey Katmoget Tr Ewe 1999-03-19
DDDS:Gooseberry Jim S1413 #5 - Lt. grey Tw Ram 0000-00-00
DDD:Iffy Creek Portia S4766 #113 - Lt. grey Tw Ewe 1996-04-21
DDDD:Gooseberry Hershey S1023 #001 - Moorit Tw Ewe 1992-03-05

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

We're Expecting...Shetland Sheep 2013

Registered Shetland Sheep 

NASSA Flock # 1350    VSCP - PA-180



Multiple lamb discounts and "starter flock" prices are available. Please call or 
e-mail to discuss prices and arrange a visit. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sheep Shearing Day 2013 9 a.m.-til they're all done!

                              Come visit the farm on Shearing Day! 
                              March 9th starting at 9a.m.

 Our Shetland sheep are getting ready for Spring and their new lambs.  Emily Chamelin will be here again.

 She did  a fantastic job for us last year and since then she has gone on to win 2nd place in the country

and as I write she is representing the U.S. in New Zealand  at the International  Sheep Shearing


Wow! we are so proud of her!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Shetland Sheepskins

             We now have Shetland Sheepskins for sale!

 All of our children have received one as a gift and we have more to share.
 Bucks County Furs always does an  excellent job processing  these for us.
These are naturally colored,soft,cuddly and washable!
I'm selling them on Etsy for $139 but if you pick them up at the farm they'll be $99.
We've sold them recently as a Baby Shower Gift and a Man Cave accent .                

White, light brown & dark brown 26 x42

Creamy white28x36

Close up of above pelt

Cream,grey & black 26x45

Cream ,black 27x42
                                             ~Perfect for any occasion~

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luxurious Shetland Roving Continued

For some reason these photos wouldn't post on the previous page. Here is our  2011 roving up close.
Gurdy Run Mill did a great job for us. I highly recommend them! The last post has a link to them.
If anyone's interested I'd be happy to send out samples. 
 Silky Moorit from Faye

Silvery Cream from Super friendly Una

A mixture of light & darker greys

Shetland  Black from the boss around here!~Bella

I'm spinning Bella's fleece right now and I LOVE  it! It's so rewarding to be finally enjoying the process.

Luxurious Shetland Roving

We're very pleased with the roving we got back from Gurdy Run Mill! Take a look. I'm finally getting the hang of spinning on my new Lendrum wheel but I know I'll never use all of this glorious roving so...
I'll be selling some here at the farm and on Etsy. I'll be happy to send samples if you like. Just comment below or email me!