Saturday, February 4, 2012

Luxurious Shetland Roving Continued

For some reason these photos wouldn't post on the previous page. Here is our  2011 roving up close.
Gurdy Run Mill did a great job for us. I highly recommend them! The last post has a link to them.
If anyone's interested I'd be happy to send out samples. 
 Silky Moorit from Faye

Silvery Cream from Super friendly Una

A mixture of light & darker greys

Shetland  Black from the boss around here!~Bella

I'm spinning Bella's fleece right now and I LOVE  it! It's so rewarding to be finally enjoying the process.

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  1. Emma is enjoying Mercy and Rosamund, also processed by Gurdy Run. I can't wait to get more this year!