Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Ewe Lambs this Year!

Stunning ewe lamb~ Morgan Inverness~ out of Persephone
Katmoget,smirslet  ...what about the body markings of white ,black and tan? She has a very soft fluffy fleece.

This is Krystal (white speckle-faced katmoget) and Krista, whose fleece is two-toned above with a rosy hue to it and the dark underneath of a katmoget.These fleeces shimmer in the sunlight! Twin ewes out of Joy, who has a fabulous fleece.

And this is the now infamous Sweet Gum With her darling FIRST lamb,Grace

Nine days after delivering Grace we found Sweet gum with afterbirth hanging out her back end and this little guy standing alone in the middle of the pasture baa-ing his heart out...
No one would claim him. No one else had signs of a recent birth so we  forced S.G. to give up some colostrum,hopefully, she had some but she fought us terribly. This little guy went from ewe to ewe only to be butted away. Well, you all know the rest of the story, of course, he's in the kitchen nice and warm and being fed by THIS  mama every few hours. We were hoping one of the other girls would deliver soon so we could try to graft him on but no one is obliging and as each day goes by I'm sure that will be much more difficult. 
Has anyone else ever had this situation before ? Is this a separate conception or a late ejecting twin? Grace, the first lamb was 6lbs. Sir  Nigel (the rejected ram lamb) was barely 3lbs. Any ideas??


  1. I've heard of such lambings happening before; the general consensus seems to be that it's from two different conceptions. I'm sorry the rejected lamb is a ram; I hope he can be a fiber pet!

  2. Aww poor baby! I cant wait to tell Pete the story!I hope that one of the mamas decides to adopt him!

  3. Beautiful lambs! S'more's hidden katmoget is REALLY coming through. Have you talked with registry about ammending his registration? If you need me to call and confirm his "white spot" covered his katmoget markings, I would be happy to. I had considered registering him as a kat orginally but wasn't 100% sure until he had lambs on the ground to prove my suspicions correct. Interesting about the twins...have heard of that with human twins once.