Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday Morning Surprise

Mercy had been teasing me with labors signs for 3 days." Imminent!" her pawing and circling behaviour said and then off she'd run ~literally run when she saw hay coming over the fence or a blade of grass she'd missed before. I know I saw a string of mucous coming out of her on Sat. am.I Prepared her jug and waited.
Meanwhile Raven, our sweetest ewe plopped down in front of me stuck her nose up into the air and pushed out twins right at my feet!!

We checked Mercy every half hour Sunday Morning but she just continued to chew her cud placidly looking at me like I was nuts~"why are you here again??"


  1. If I saw mucous Sat. a.m., I'd be getting awfully nervous by Sat. night! Pretty neat what Raven did, though. She's obviously a pet!

  2. I had just read that morning on a Shetland blog,can't recall whose, that described something similar.She said it must have been the mucous plug and I believe it was 2 days later she delivered.She also mentioned that the ewe was eating a lot , so I just figured this was the same type thing going on. If I hadn't read that entry I would have been VERY nervous. Yes, Raven is our darling!