Monday, April 19, 2010

It's Winter Again!

It has been so cold here that we've had to put heat lamps out in the last two jugs.
What happened to Spring??
We had a delightful weekend though!
A 4-H sewing group gathered here Saturday morning from 9-1. We met them when we had our first annual Shearing Day last month. A lovely group of homeschoolers who admired my Civil War re-enacting apron. I invited them back to make some of their own. They brought a yummy lunch and so much enthusiasm.
As a bonus they got to see the lambs! At 1pm the monthly Spinning Group arrived. I love these ladies~they are such an inspiration! One of these days I'll actually sit down and spin with them!
On Friday a prospective new shepherdess took this photo of two of our latest lambs.
Zita is the one standing,ZaneGrey is in front of her. We have 3 katmogets so far.


  1. Beautiful lambs so far Linda...congrats! Has Duet lambed?

  2. I just put up a post about Duet~ we are so pleased! I'll try to get better photos tomorrow. The twins are outstanding! A boy and a girl:-)!